We are investing in the latest EV Charging solutions.

  • SAS Energy welcomes the gathering momentum towards greater Electric Vehicle (EV) charging.
  • SAS Energy is an installer of EV systems and charging points in the UK.
  • Transport & Environment in Brussels states that by the end of the year 16/17 there will be more than 500,000 battery, electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles on Europe’s roads.
  • Sales in 16/17 should account for 1.5% of the total car market.

Some of the latest announcements in EV adoption

October 2016 – Paris Motor Show

VW launched its I.D. Concept car, which has a range of at least 400km.VW hope to receive 25% of its sales from electric by 2025 from 20 EV models.

July 2017 – Volvo Cars  –  Press Releaseannouncement that every Volvo model from 2019 onwards would have an electric motor.