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At SAS ENERGY we provide the complete solution to enable your project. The SAS ENERGY customer Leasing program is part of this coordinated approach, to enhance your cash flow, budgeting & asset management options.

Berkshire Finance runs this program for us.

Berkshire has over 20 years’ experience in renewable energy financing, assisting blue-chip clients and SMEs alike.

Funding your installation by way of a lease will enable you to spread all costs over the period during which you will be enjoying the energy savings. At the end of the term you continue to enjoy the energy savings without any repayments.


A lease may also enable you to utilize OPEX rather than CAPEX budget, meaning that you can benefit from energy savings, security and independence now, rather than later or never.

Lease payments may be offset against your tax bill, subject to individual circumstances, and VAT is spread over the term.


We can look at low start or seasonal repayment profiles to maximise cash flow, or hire purchase, where VAT is paid up front and a slightly different tax treatment utilized.


Berkshire are happy to discuss projects at any stage and provide indicative repayments without any obligation.


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