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SAS ENERGY hopes that as many Public Sector buildings utilise renewable energy solutions as possible – this will enable more of their limited budgets to be spent on other elements of their work instead of paying the National Grid’s ever increasing energy bills.
SAS ENERGY has worked with Hospitals, Charities, Council Buildings including their schools, Care Homes and Specialist Education Centres and both Local Authority and Community Theatres.

Kent County Council

“From the moment SAS ENERGY won the tendering process they have become partners to deliver the optimum solution to our needs. They have been entirely reliable, adaptive to the charity’s wishes and have offered appropriate advice. They have demonstrated flexibility and expertise through the design and planning phases and backed that up with approachability and responsiveness during the installation. They have always provided exceptional customer service.”

Andrew Neaves

CEO, Care for Veterans

Thank you for everything you have done to get them (the renewable energy installations) completed. You’ve made the process really straight forward and we really appreciate it. Thank you for increasing Ealing’s solar generating capacity!

Risa Wilkinson

Risa Wilkinson


01732 866731