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Key Project Details

  • System Size – 250kW
  • Panel Model – Renesola 250w
  • Inverter Model – ABB 27.6TL
  • Estimated Annual CO2 Saving – 98 tonnes


Clipper Group is an international logistic company that was looking to implement a green energy scheme at their site in Leeds. The business is continuously expanding and therefore was looking to reduce their environmental footprint. As a logistics group, Clipper pay large carbon levies so the choice of solar will reduce their total energy costs and therefore reduce their carbon emissions.

After meeting with the Managing Director and being presented with all options available, Clipper Logistics Group selected to join our unique RIOS scheme to install a 250kW Solar PV System. As Clipper were looking install a large array of Solar PV, using our finance scheme RIOS was the most suitable option as it meant they could afford to install a larger solar PV array that would provide the company with more benefits.

Installing a 250kW system has allowed Clipper Logistics to save a substantial amount on their energy bills by generating their own electricity for use on site. From using our RIOS scheme they have remained cash positive from day one whilst retaining all the FiTs to generate an additional income. SAS ENERGY will provide a 25 year operation and maintenance system to ensure their solar PV system is operating to is maximum efficiency throughout its life time.


01732 866731