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Key Project Details

  • System Size – 250kW
  • Panel Model – Trina 265 W
  • Inverter Model – ABB 27.6 TL
  • Estimated Annual CO2 Saving – 290 tonnes


Blixes Farm was looking for a sustainable solution to reduce their increasing energy costs. When approached by SAS ENERGY, they were advised on a suitable option to install a solar PV system that will reduce current utility expenditure and generate additional revenue. With many acres of land, SAS ENERGY suggested a ground mount install as it would accommodate a larger solar PV array that would cover their energy consumption. We tailored the design to suit their requirements and made sure it wouldn’t affect their arable land. Due to the custom-built design of the system, their crops have been left unaffected whilst enjoying reduced energy costs and an additional revenue stream.


01732 866731