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If your company owns or is in a long-term lease agreement, you could quickly, efficiently and effectively lower your energy costs with renewable energy on your rooftop – office, factory, and /or storage facility. Your company grounds or car park can also generate an income and lower your energy costs.

Renewable Energy Solutions

  1. lower: lowering your energy costs of your building
  2. supply: supplying energy onsite for your organisation
  3. generate: generating an additional revenue stream

SAS ENERGY’s highly experienced Energy Consultants can investigate your building and ground assets to see what is possible.

“In-keeping with many large organisations and being linked to a FTSE 100 company, in the form of British Land, our procurement process are very robust, you can image but the big thing for me on the ground really is cultural alignment and that’s what we found with SAS ENERGY ….a real strong customer focus, very professional, they really landed well on the ground, with very strong Health & Safety credentials behind the scenes, which of course is really important.”

Darren Pearce

Centre Director at Meadowhall

“Solar PV fits in with our strategy of reducing our environmental impact. Giving Gresham the opportunity to reduce its carbon footprint and energy usage. SAS ENERGY communicated well throughout the project. I would highly recommend SAS ENERGY and their teams.”

Mark Sharples

HSQE Manager


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