SAS Energy’s core business and expertise has been build on successfully designing and installing bespoke solar energy solutions..

We can also make sure that they continue to work to their optimal capacity by engaging our engineers to carry out a regular maintenance schedule.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) is a technology by which sunlight or any form of daylight (photons) is converted into electrical power (voltage). All SAS Energy projects will harness the free, natural power from photons .

As every organisation has its own set of unique needs, every SAS Energy project is one of a kind. We only source the equipment and material that is exactly right for your circumstances. As we do not manufacture our own products, nor are we tied to any one supplier, we research the best solution for your company.

SAS Energy’s consultants are continually researching ‘Tier 1’ suppliers to make sure that we can review the most up to date product range, from which to recommend the right, quality products that we feel are exactly right for your organisational needs.

As Ramez Nam stated for Scientific American

“…the sun strikes the Earth with roughly 5,000 times as much energy as we consume from all sources combined…the largest share of it directly strikes the surface of the Earth as photons”