Operation & Maintenance

Solar Advanced Systems Ltd are not only dedicated to renewable energy, we are also dedicated to making sure your investment is taken care of throughout it’s lifetime.

Our O&M service is not only available on our own installations but for your pre existing system.

It is often an oversight by the client or installer of the importance of maintaining your system to enable you as the client to enjoy the expected returns that your investment should be achieving. 20/25 years is a long time for an electrical system to go un checked or un monitored so at Solar Advanced Systems we advise that it is imperative that an O&M contract is taken out.

If you have taken out our award winning RIOS installation or PPA Installation then all O&M costs are covered and additional O&M contracts are not required.

Option A – Health check service

Many people are unsure as to what O&M contract they really need. Therefore we have devised a solution to enable us to carry out a onetime health check, service and survey of your pre existing system. We are then able to provide a report on our findings and put forward our recommendations. It may surprise you what we find and by carrying out rectification works can allow the client to benefit from higher outputs increasing the return on investment. Please contact to discuss prices.

Option B – Monitoring package

On the completion of Option A we would always suggest detailed monitoring be installed. We monitor all of our commercial scale installations Nationwide from our head office. The monitoring will allow us to inform you of any potential issues that may arise whether it be an internal fault or a full system failure. We are then able to offer our services to carry out the rectification works as needed. This allows you peace of mind that your system is always producing and working correctly. Please contact to discuss prices.

Option C – Operation, repair & maintenance contract

This would be a comprehensive package and will cover all of the following.
– Monitoring
– Labour
– Materials
– Annual Service (inc electrical fixed wire inspection)
– Reactive service
– Clean when required (one clean maximum per year inc)

We will also take over any warranty claims on your behalf. We will provide you with a detailed report of your system production and performance. With our monitoring we are able to provide weather compensation equipment to enable us to get more accurate data from your system. We can also provide you with a dashboard report of your system to log into or have displayed in your building for clients and employees to see.

Solar Advanced Systems Ltd has always broken industry boundaries when it comes to service and support. We offer a performance guarantee on all of our commercial installations whether it is a capital purchase or a funded solution.

Our performance guarantee offers you or your client the comfort that the revenue stream forecast that we have provided is protected.

Q: How does it work?
A: If your system generated less than the performance guarantee then Solar Advanced Systems would pay the difference.

Q: So how do you know if we’re going to be around to support our guarantee?

A: Solar Advanced Systems whom are part of the T.E.R.C group own and operate a large portfolio of solar PV systems which generates us a revenue for 20/25 years, so you can be assured that our company has the longevity to support our guarantees.

Q: Would you not just offer low yields?

A: All of our projections formulate a financial proposal to you “the client”. If we proposed low yields then the financial offering wouldn’t be as attractive. We have installed 000’s of systems Nationwide which has allowed us to access a vast amount of data We also use industry leading software to design the systems which generate the yield. All of our systems in the field are currently producing between 3% and 7% increased yields so our projections are conservative.

Please see our terms and conditions for more details

Solar Advanced Systems Ltd have a unique offering in that we are able to provide you with a valuation of your Solar PV system should you wish to sell the asset.

Due to the different options available to our clients to have Solar PV installed, it is vital that there is an option to sell on your asset should you wish to do so.

If you opt for our RIOS package or capital investment package we will be able to value the asset and offer a value for the system. We will actively broker out the asset against our funding portfolio to enable the highest valuation.

If we operated the O&M contract for the system we would be able to draw down all the performance data and maintenance spend to enable an accurate assessment of the system valuation. If the asset has been looked after and has performed above expectations then the value will increase. If there is no data available from the system then this can devalue the system. This is another important factor in selecting the right installation company to provide you with the correct design, product and ongoing maintenance contract.

You are not limited to selling your system if only installed by ourselves. If you wished to sell a system installed by someone else we would carry out a full assessment at an agreed rate prior to valuation.